Blo Dry Bar

Yesterday I visited Blo dry bar, located at 142 East 49th street, right in midtown Manhattan. I came in with a challenge - my keratin extensions are super grown out - about two inches, which makes a blow out almost impossible. 

Unlike their competitors, Blo offers a service that's great for people with extensions. It's a $15 extra charge but they use the Wet Brush, which is the same brush that I use at home. It's detangling and doesn't tear at my roots.

I asked for their signature Blo Out ($40 - prices may vary by city) and I was given a cute "Menu of Services" which included 7 signature styles, from the classic blo out to runway inspired curls. My two favorite looks were "High Society" (a Lauren Conrad-esque bun) and "Hunt Club" (a low pony with a sassy curl.) Because it was raining out, I decided to get the "Pillow Talk" which is a soft, sultry, tousled look--a very sexy option for Valentine's Day!

As I browsed the menu of services, I was offered a water battle or a glass of Prosecco. I sat back as my stylist, Raquel, washed my locks with UNITE shampoo and conditioner (side note: if you're ever in San Diego, visit UNITE's flagship Salon, where 100% of the proceeds go to charity.) 

During the blo out, Raquel was extremely careful with my hair, and paid close attention not to pull at my extensions with the round brush. She was more a lot gentler with my hair than other stylists have been. Combined with the small, personable size of Blo 49 (with only eight chairs) the result was almost like an in-house service.

If you don't have hair extensions, Blo offers "Hidden Assets" โ€” a blow out plus HALO clip-in extension installation. This adds instant length and volume without any glue or tape!

From extensions to top-buns, I cannot say enough how much I appreciated the different options in Blo's menu of services. It was refreshing to be offered something more than just a normal blow-out. You can even add on a head massage ($10) or a deep conditioning treatment! If you're looking for a fun get-together, Blo offers group pricing for bridal parties, house calls ("blo on site") and boardroom blowouts ("blo at work")

Currently, Blo has 70+ locations to serve you across the US, Canada and the Philippines with more opening soon. I'll definitely be visiting Blo Boston and LA next!

BeautyBunny Hyde