New Year, NEWA!

Hi guys! I hope 2018 is treating everyone well. I’m feeling extra empowered lately, and extra youthful, thanks to NEWA, a groundbreaking anti-aging device that I received as a PR gift a few months ago.  

NEWA, a chic tiny pod, is an at-home device that uses radio frequency to clear acne, treat wrinkles, and rejuvenate skin.

NEWA is powered by ENDYMED’s patented 3DEEP® professional RF medical technology, which has been used by physicians worldwide for 10 years.  The NEWA’s effectiveness has been proven and validated by many clinical studies, performed by internationally renowned dermatologists.

Study results show that 90% of participants experienced a reduction in wrinkle severity after just 4 weeks.  You use the device twice a week for 8 minutes. Below you can see a BEFORE and AFTER of my crow’s feet area! My skin has changed dramatically. My fine lines have disappeared, the collagen is plumped up, and the acne/discoloration is visibly gone! Want to learn more about NEWA? Click here


BeautyBunny Hyde