The Beauty Product You'll Want All Winter Long: Clarins Double Serum

The Newest From: Clarins

My friends over at Clarins wanted me to try out the newest addition to their award-winning anti-aging line, The Double Serum.

I received my exclusive preview of the serum in the mail two months ago, but I really wanted to put the time in and fully test it out for you guys before posting about it.


Clarins Double Serum: Two power-packed anti-aging serums in one! Clarins’ Next Generation wrinkle treatment is now packed with [20+1] potent plant extracts—including Turmeric, known for its exceptional anti-aging properties—to effectively target lines and wrinkles, even out skin tone, and boost radiance in just 7 days.

The list of ingredients is my favorite part about this product. Turmeric--known for its potent anti-aging properties, is a spice that I try to drink in my latte every day to target inflammation. I had never heard of applying it to my skin, and I'm so glad that I did!

Along with turmeric, Clarins packed over 20 powerful plant extracts into this serum, so it's super anti-aging. It contains banana for regenerating cells, tomato for oxygenating cells, and even kiwi for cell nutrition.


If you're looking for a serum that delivers results without the wait, this one is for you.

In the beauty world, they say it takes anywhere from 2-12 weeks for product results to truly show. Clarins Double Serum promised results in just 7 days, including: boosting skin radiance, evening out skin tone, visibly firming, and targeting fine lines and wrinkles. Guess what? The company wasn't lying.

Within the first week of use, my fine lines (the few I have around my eyes) were visibly gone! More importantly, my skin tone was very even. In a study of 362 women, 88% of them saw visibly smoother skin within seven days!


My skin is dewy, smooth, and very hydrated. I'll be using this serum all winter long. I also apply it to my neck and décolleté, which has been looking better each day!

BeautyBunny Hyde