Looking for the best manicure in Cali? Head to Olive&June.

"Olive & June is a new kind of neighborhood nail salon founded on the idea that getting a manicure and pedicure should be downright lovely." They keep all of your preferences on file, whether it's if you like to have your cuticles pushed back, drink coffee or tea, "or if you’ve committed to Geranium on your toes."

I visited Olive&June on Halloween weekend, seeking California's most on-trend nail art manicure, evil eyes. The salon was glamorous yet bohemian, and extremely clean. I loved my manicurist, Sam, and I was delighted at the swift, careful work that she produced. The service was luxurious, and two weeks later, my gel nails have absolutely zero chips.

Make yourself at home at one of their three locations: Beverly Hills, Pasadena, and Santa Monica.

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