Hey guys! It's been a while since my last blog. I've been very busy with Yoga Teacher Training. The intensive training that I chose (with YogaWorks) is Monday-Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Every day I get about 45 minutes for lunch, which is an ideal amount of time, however I like to spend my lunch going over our course materials, so most days I opt to bring an easy, quick meal option.

I paired up with an incredible company, Splendid Spoon, to try out their "CLEANSE" and their "SWAP." The Cleanse is a one-day soup cleanse, and The Swap is a five-day period following The Cleanse in which you "swap" out one meal a day for one of Splendid Spoon's awesome soups!

Below please find my experience of the entire program. Please note that every product that Splendid Spoon makes is delicious, 100% Vegan, completely plant-based and animal- and animal byproduct-free. All soup bowls that they provide and microwave save and 100% BPA-free and recyclable. The company provides prompt delivery with a tracking number. The soups arrive on ice in freezer bags, keeping them very fresh.


I began my day as usual, with a strong coffee. Splendid Spoon asks that you begin your morning with your weekly meditation and a warm cup of water with lemon. You are supposed to limit your caffeine intake to just 1 coffee or tea a day maximum and keep it black, or add a splash of nut or soy milk. I opted for almond. Every 2-3 hours I enjoyed a bottle of Drinkable soup from The Cleanse. Below please find my thoughts on the menu, which changes weekly! Throughout the day, I never felt hungry. I felt light and extra fit!

Breakfast: Carrot Turmeric Elixir—Healthy fat and protein keep you powered for longer. I enjoyed this one chilled, although I can tell it would be great warm. Smooth texture. Creamy, yet refreshing flavor thanks to the coconut milk and ginger. Great balance. "Turmeric awakens circulation and vitamin A-rich carrots set eyes shining. A bit of coconut milk and extra virgin olive oil gratify your palette, ginger and cayenne add a lively kick to boost metabolism, and a dash of black pepper helps unlock turmeric’s bioavailability. This one's an antioxidant powerhouse!"

Lunch: Celery Plant—Celery’s flavors tickle your sinuses; potatoes and thyme add a satisfying kick. What a score! When I think celery, I think negative calorie content. This soup (I enjoyed chilled) tastes just like a cold soup that my country club makes at home. Russet potatoes and thyme danced along perfectly with the celery root's soft texture. So flavorful! I felt so refreshed drinking it.

Mid-Afternoon: Butternut Tumeric—healthy fat and protein keep you powered for longer. I also enjoyed this one chilled—on the Subway! The weather was on the warmer side, and the soup was a great alternative to my usual "ditch lunch and grab a cold brew" mindset. I was definitely looking forward to the next soup when I finished it. Which brings me to...

Dinner: Fall Ratatouille—Stay satisfied with this hearty protein- and fiber-rich bowl. I was glad to be having a protein and fiber packed soup for dinner. I enjoyed this soup warm, which made me feel more full. The fresh veggies were delicious. However, an hour later I felt some hunger, and Splendid Spoon suggests if you need more, eat some plant-based protein + carb, like nut butter + apple. After the apple I was FULL.

Nightcap: Vegan Bone Broth—Cleanses, soothes, and calms at the end of the day. Boy did I love this one. I'm a huge fan of bone broth, and I was excited to try a Vegan version. It was warm, filling, and cozy. It put me right to sleep.


The day before The Cleanse, I was running on very little sleep. I was very tired, and assumed that a day without solid food would leave me feeling even more exhausted. This was not the case. I had energy throughout the day (though I didn't workout, even though SS approves of a "lighter workout.") I avoided alcohol on Cleanse Day and abided by their advice to  have 2 cups of herbal tea or water during the 2-hour breaks between soups.

By the end of The Cleanse I felt like a superstar. The next few days I noticed my skin was clearer. I was also de-puffed in my face and belly. I was excited to continue on with Splendid Spoon's "SWAP" for the next five days!


The Swap is more of a lifestyle change than a cleanse. Splendid Spoon calls each swap a "mini-Cleanse moment" in your day, and they also suggest to begin each day with mindful meditation, which I ended up loving! For mediation newbies, don't fret! Splendid Spoon provides you with a "Weekly Meditation" guide that tells you exactly what to do. Mine said to eat mindfully during my mini-cleanse moments. This included turning off the TV, putting down my iPhone, and breathing in and out three times before enjoying my soup. I loved this mantra and I continued to use it every lunch period for the rest of the month!

My favorite soup from The Swap was the "Red Beet Buddha Bowl" with Sweet Potatoes and Quinoa. It's their new summer flavor! Protein-rich quinoa and antioxidant-rich kale combine for a lovely dinner meal! So healthy!


I spent my seventh and final day (SS calls the last day the "Wander 1 Day") thinking about how to make these little healthy changes last in my life. I drank more water, I took a long walk, and I continued with my meditation. I ended my seven-day journey with Splendid Spoon feeling renewed and CLEANSED. I felt detoxified and ready to make powerful changes in my life, both mentally and physically. I wanted to move more and hydrate more. I also lost about 2lbs, which was shocking since I was hydrating so much! I really felt renewed. I can't say it enough.

If you'd like to try Splendid Spoon's Cleanse for yourself, or even for a friend, type my link into your browser to save $20 on ANY soup cleanse at splendid spoon: splendid.to/BUNNY20 

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