Coffee of the Week: Rabbit Coffee Roasting Co. (Palm Beach, Florida)

I am so thrilled to partner with Rabbit Coffee Roasting Co. and announce their new website! You must check it out.

Rabbit Coffee Roasting Co. is a craft coffee roasting company based in Palm Beach, Florida. Each season, they hand-select some of the world’s finest micro lot coffees. Rabbit's roasters work tirelessly to develop the ideal roast profile for each small batch of their single origin coffees. Each bean is artfully hand-roasted to peak sweetness, highlighting the coffee's most positive characteristics.
My favorite product is their NITRO Cold Brew Coffee, which is made from their organic single origin beans. Once roasted, the beans are added to cold water, where they steep in a refrigerated room for over 18 hours. This process makes Rabbit Cold Brew smooth and intensely rich, with a hint of natural sweetness and low acidity. It contains 4x the caffeine per ounce as compared to an ounce of regular coffee, and has a slight chocolatey flavor. Enjoy it black or add water, dairy, flavoring or your favorite spirit to make your own unique Rabbit Cold Brew. 

Also try: their Jack Rabbit energy shots. The world's first (and only) all-natural coffee energy shot made from Organic Rabbit Cold Brew and all natural ingredients. 140mg of caffeine in every 2oz shot. Made with only 6 all natural ingredients. 

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BitesBunny Hyde