Bunny Hyde X ThinkThin

Some of my favorite Fall protein bars include ThinkThin's Pumpkin Spice, Coconut Pecan Pie, and Dark Chocolate Peppermint. Did you know that a Starbucks PSL contains 300 cal, 11g fat, 39g sugar (!!!) and 11g protein, whereas a ThinkThin Pumpkin Spice protein+fiber bar contains 150 cal, 4.5g fat, 5g sugar, and 10g protein?

White SUGAR is one of the leading causes of belly fat. Women should avoid having more than 6 teaspoons of sugar a day (9 for men.) Skip the added sugar and reach for a protein+fiber bar. They taste great (my favorite is actually the Dark Chocolate Peppermint because it totally nixes any chocolate cravings I'm having post-workout.) They are moist, chewy, and packed with vitamins and minerals. You can find thinkThin’s Pumpkin Spice bars on the shelves of Whole Foods, Target, Kroger and most every major retailer across the country and online.

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