Cheat Day Eats: Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie

Cookies, cookies, cookies. I think that since I gave up alcohol, I have been craving more sugar than usual, which has turned me into a cookie monster of sorts. Lately, I have turned my cheat days into “cheat excursions” as I like to call them. I decide on a sweet (this week, a sea salt chocolate chip cookie) and then I crave another. With an obvious lack of self-control, I spend my day searching the entire city for alternative options until I find the BEST cookie to "cheat with" — LOL. Lucky for you guys, I have found the top three best sea salt chocolate chip cookies in NYC.

Winner: The Elk (128 Charles Street) Details: VEGAN, bittersweet chocolate mixed with milk chocolate and big salt crystals.

Runner-Up: SUMMERS NYC (169 Thompson Street) Details: Also VEGAN. Very moist but a little too chewy for me.

Honorable Mention: Sweet Corner Bake Shop (535 Hudson Street) Details: Think HUGE. An enormous cookie with 3 kinds of extra-large chocolate CHUNKS and tons of crunchy sea salt. Tasted great, but it was too much for me. Instead, try their chocolate chip cheesecake cookie (it's the best.)

BitesBunny Hyde