2017 Linked Not Ranked NYC

I was so honored and humbled that I was included in the 5th Annual #LinkedNotRanked Series. Linked Not Ranked is a highly anticipated event amongst the fitness + wellness community that brings together a specially curated group of the top female fitness influencers and instructors from different platforms, studios, and formats around New York City. I had the privilege of attending the 2016 Linked Not Ranked event as well!

Upon arrival, I was gifted a pair of gorgeous Terez leggings--they have the BEST prints on the market and are made in NYC. The space, Glass Houses in the Chelsea Arts Tower, was glowing in natural sunlight. We enjoyed an inspiring conversation with Natalia Petrzela and Patricia Moreno of SatiLife and Zara Terez Tisch, founder of Terez.

I always get so nervous at these events at first, especially when I don't know anyone there. But I'm always so happy when I leave because everyone is so nice and welcoming. At one point I didn't know what to do, I was nervous because I was standing alone, and Natalia Petrzela came up to me. She didn't know this, but she instantly made me feel so relieved and her kindness was so raw and REAL. She gave me amazing advice on how to thrive in the wellness industry. Just to enjoy our day-to-day, live in the moment and feel our OWN purpose while we help to inspire OTHERS to do the same.

Tanya Becker - founder of Physique 57 - who I also aspire to be like one day - was so kind and inspiring. She said that showing interest in this industry means I've already completed the first step. From here, it's just putting in hard work and finding my niche and voice, and hopefully finding a studio in NYC where I can thrive!

This community of women is so kind and gorgeous and smart and DRIVEN. 

Post-class, we nibbled on salads from Sweet Green, and hydration from CORE and Juice Press.

The event was a beautiful reminder that we are ALL in this together, from fitness instructors to bloggers to the amazing clothing companies that sponsor our movements such as Terez. Life is not a competition of followers, likes, or comments. It's a collaborative effort between all of us in this industry so that we can collaborate, learn, and grow together. "We are spearheading a movement to change the way we approach health, exercise, and each other, because when WE LINK TOGETHER, WE KNOW WE CAN LEAD TOGETHER."

BodyBunny Hyde