Halloween 2017


Looking for great hair and makeup to match your costume? Over the years, I've personally tried and tested at least 10 salons and 10 makeup artists in NYC.

Why choose a custom look? I've noticed that people don't just go out and simply buy packaged costumes anymore. It's not fun or creative, and Party City is expensive AF (costumes for adult women can reach up to $89.99 for an ugly one-piece Ariel mermaid costume - without the wig, which is $24.99!) 

It's so much more fun to have your hair and makeup done in a custom way! For my Harley Quinn, I did order an outfit online, but that's because I couldn't find a "Daddy" shirt and sequin shorts anywhere. Go figure.

HAIR: Out of all the hair salons in NYC, Art+Autonomy Salon does the best custom hair. You can check out their Instagram for more photos, @artandautonomy ❤️ They did a custom dye and style of my extensions for me. Book a free consultation at Art + Autonomy Salon in New York City! Call the salon at 212-343-4274 or email them at info@artandautonomy.com

MAKEUP: For Halloween makeup, I recommend booking any of the following 3 artists: @yeddifermua @kokobeaute and @samanthakatherine_ (she did my look this year!) They book up way in advance, but please mention me and I'm sure they can make room. All of them are amazing and can make anything you'd like. DM them!

See my 2017 costume below!  

BeautyBunny Hyde