All About Barre

When I tell people that I am in-training to become a barre instructor, they usually ask me if I have any happy hour specials (LOL.)  In all seriousness, barre is my favorite method of working out.  Barre is taking the fitness world by storm, and studios are popping up left and right.  Barre is a mix of ballet, pilates, and yoga.  It is a full-body work out that is praised for creating long, lean, ballerina-like muscles. Many models and actresses (think: Jennifer Aniston) swear by it.  The techniques used in class target each muscle group as you tone, sculpt, and define your entire body (arms, abs, glutes--you name it, barre will transform it.)  I begin barre-teacher training at Exhale this month.  It is the most comprehensive training in the industry, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to study under founders Fred DeVito and Elisabeth Halfpapp. If you'd like to try out a class or find out more about barre, please contact me or call any Exhale studio worldwide.

BodyBunny Hyde