Current Fitness

Last week I visited Current Fitness (333 Church Street) to take my first EVER rowing class! Known as NYC's premier indoor rowing workout studio, Current is super modern, clean, and even ZEN for a cardio-blasting workout! 

Current is a perfect workout to get you amped-up before going out on the town, and the studio offers tons of class times to accommodate any schedule. I loved that they kept the AC on cold because I was dripping in sweat. Another great perk: they offer complimentary towels, and there's no need to rent shoes!

I would describe the workout as "Soul Cycle meets Rowing" because we used small weights and danced to the beat as we rowed. The atmosphere during the class is very hip, with giant Diptyque candles flickering in the pitch-black studio as we rowed to the sounds of Beyoncé and Whitney Houston. The exercise was low impact on the knees with high cardio and high resistance. To be honest, I could not walk down the stairs the next morning and my arms were quite sore as well. 

At $34 per class, it's a steal in NYC! I highly recommend signing up for instructor Ally's class via this link:

BodyBunny Hyde