Infinity Yoga Mats | The New Shape of Yoga

Infinity Yoga Mats | The New Shape of Yoga


At first glance, you notice—omg! It’s a totally different shape! ...kinda like an hour glass! Why? Because this mat works with your body shape. All other mats on the markets are the same. Straight lines, angles, and corners—but bodies don’t have straight lines, bodies have curves! That's why the Infinity Yoga Mat was created, the hourglass shape and grippy surface help you Namast’ay on your mat!


It’s great for men AND women. It’s actually the perfect mat for any male yogi. My boyfriend LOVES it because it’s larger than the average yoga mat (my boyfriend is 6’3” and still had room to move around but stay on the mat) and it comes in “manly” color options like black and green. AKA ninja turtle colors. PS: it comes in 3 other colors too!

It’s also great for all skill levels. My boyfriend is a beginner, and he said that practicing on the Infinity Mat made him actually enjoy yoga! On the other end of the spectrum, as an experienced yogi, I also found the mat to be super refreshing. I like it better than my Jade! No frills here. This mat just works.

My favorite part? THIS MAT IS TWO SIDED. Every mat is completely reversible, each side with a distinct purpose. One side is made from an all-natural tree rubber that is incredibly grippy and perfect for low-intensity practices or for stretching. At 3mm thick, this dense rubber provides the ultimate comfort and support. The reverse side is made from a high-quality microfiber suede material that actually grips better the wetter it gets. IN OTHER WORDS—You don’t need to bring a towel to class. The mat is like a built in towel! The more you sweat, the better it grips! Because it’s part of the mat, the towel doesn’t crumple up or slide around. It’s genius, especially for hot yoga.

I also loved how it cushioned my wrists and joints (especially my knees) during both inversions and savasana.

Lastly, Infinity Yoga Mats contain no PVC, and they are BPA-free and non-Toxic.


Pre-order now! Your pledge to the Kickstarter Campaign = your special purchase price! Pay only $69 (instead of $88 retail) and you’ll get your mat before anyone else!

There’s ONLY 7 days left in the Kickstarter campaign — CLICK HERE or visit to get yours!

This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by THURSDAY, November 9th, 2017 9:57 AM EST! SO PRE-ORDER YOURS NOW!

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