Brand Spotlight: Wolven Threads

While in LA, I had the incredible opportunity to visit the home of Kiran Jade, the CEO + Designer of Wolven Threads. This company produces eye-catching yoga apparel that inspired by inspired by the intoxicating yet sacred geometry found all around us in nature, from beautiful cacti to magnificent forests.  As you can see in the photo below of my friend Inas, each fabric pattern is hand painted, created in-house by designers Kiran Jade and Will Ryan. The garments are designed to truly reflect the spirit of a yogi -- radiant, wild and free.

To my amazement, I learned that these fabrics are all made from recycled plastic water bottles!

"SUSTAINABLY MADE FROM RECYCLED BOTTLES: We believe that mother nature is our home and that we should do whatever we can in our power to protect her. We believe that beautiful fashion should not come at the expense of our planet. Our garments are made with OEKO-TEX certified Recycled P.E.T fabric (RPET), a fabric made from recycled plastic water bottles. This certification ensures that our material is free of harmful and toxic chemicals. Over 6.4 million tonnes of plastic trash enters the world’s oceans each year. RPET creates a second life for plastics, helping to keep plastic out of our planet’s delicate eco systems."

The result is a quick-drying, moisture-wicking, antibacterial fabric that NOT ONLY helps the environment, but also those in need. For each sale Wolven Threads makes, they donate 5% of profit to bring the sacred practice of yoga into incarcerated settings, teaching yoga to at-risk youth.

Below please find my interview with Kiran!

Q. What led you to create Wolven Threads?

A. I wanted to create a job for myself where I get to do all the things I love.  I am an artist at heart and also love fashion and fitness, creating a platform where I can showcase my art and other artists' work on clothing is my dream job.  

Q. When and where was it founded?

A. Unofficially, in 2014 in Pasadena, CA while I was in school at Art Center College of Design.  Officially in 2015.

Q. How does your background as a (YogaWorks certified) yogi influence your designs?

A. As a yoga instructor, I understand the importance of the fabrics you wear when you flow.  We spend a lot of time going to fabrics shows, meeting with fabric manufacturers and learning about new fabric tech in order to create products that are breathable, comfortable and don't harm the planet.  

Q. You say your prints are kaleidoscopic reflections of the yogi spirit; how are they created?

A. A magician never reveals their secrets!

Q. Your garments are made with OEKO-TEX certified Recycled P.E.T. fabric (RPET), a fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. Please share why you are so passionate about sustainability and how Wolven Threads helps this cause.

A. Fashion is the number two polluting industry on the planet, second only to the oil industry.  With all the technology that exists today, I don't believe that anyone should feel morally sound manufacturing clothing that isn't sustainable.  To me it's really not a question of why sustainable, it's a concern as to why others choose not to be.  Working with recycled plastic bottles allows us to create a second life for plastics that would otherwise go into landfills or pollute ecosystems.  We try to do our part in educating our customers about the realities of plastic and other pollutants on our planet, our facebook page is a great place to learn more about how you can make a difference as we strive towards a #plasticfree planet.

Q. Tell us about your new swimwear line!

A. Our new swimwear line features a fresh color palette for us, we have loved working with vibrant tones but for this collection we wanted to create pieces that are just black and white.  All of the artwork is designed by my partner, Will.  The suits launch in just about 6 weeks and we can't wait to share them with our wolfpack!

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BodyBunny Hyde