Red's Outfitters

There are two accessories that a girl can never have enough of—shoes and sunglasses. The latter has become sort of an addiction for me. From Tom Ford to Prada, I have about thirty pairs of shades in my current collection, most of which I still wear.

However, a new trend seems to be on the rise lately—new, modern brands with collections curated for fashion-forward men and women that combine luxury craftmanship with affordable prices. The shift in this trend can be seen on celebrities as well (you can catch Kylie Jenner rocking a pair of DIFF frames almost daily.) One of MY favorite brands, Red's Outfitters, has capitalized on this phenomenon, and caters to those who have, like me, ditched my (always broken) pair of Linda Farrows, replacing them with a pair of quality shades at a better price point.

Red's embodies classic American design, "while maintaining Italian, artisanal craftsmanship of the utmost quality at attainable prices." The line has a classic rock&roll vibe, which I love, and all of the frames are 100% handmade in Italy. I'm wearing the "Jacqueline Silver" frame ($120) below. Also wearing: Kit+Ace "By Your Side Vent Bra" Lilybod "Coco Noir Luxe" leggings and Brooks sneakers.

BodyBunny Hyde