TCA Chemical Peel

My TCA peel has TRANSFORMED my skin. I have partnered with Laser Lab to bring my followers a VERY heavily discounted service, for a limited time a TCA peel is $75 instead of $550!😲😲Book yours by sending me or @flashyjennynyc a DM!

🔅PROCEDURE: 15 minutes. Super easy. Jenny applied the TCA to my skin followed by pure vitamin C extract to produce glowing skin. The actual chemical sensation was extremely mild. The only way I can think of describe it is as if you put a dab of hot sauce on your face. It is a warm feeling for a moment. That's it!

🔅1-5 HOURS AFTER PEEL: my skin felt a little tight, and was a shiny because of the Vitamin C serum. It was also flushed a bit pink. Falling asleep was Completely comfortable. Zero issues.

🔅1 DAY AFTER PEEL: I woke up looking SO refreshed! My uneven skin tone had vanished for the most part. Only two acne spots remained. My forehead looked a lot brighter. No redness or pinkness. It felt as though the top layer of my skin was tight, and seemed a bit like crepe paper. Zero flaking or peeling.

I cannot stress how important it is to use a sunscreen every day—especially after a peel! My favorite protective face moisturizer is 'PROTECT ME' from Fré because it contains tons of anti-oxidants. It's SPF 30. You can purchase it at #Bandier OR online and save 25% on the 123FRE set with code "BUNNY" @freskincare

🔅2 DAYS AFTER PEEL: I woke up with flaking around my mouth and chin. Throughout the day it continued to flake around this area, and a bit around my nostrils.

🔅3 DAYS AFTER PEEL: Skin peeling on my T-zone. The new skin is super clear and beautiful. Can't wait for my entire forehead and cheeks peel!

🔅5 DAYS AFTER PEEL: Entire face has peeled! New skin is glowing and dewy!

✔️POST-PEEL: Eight days after my peel,  my skin has completely resurfaced, so to take advantage of this (and get all the gunk out of my pores and tighten them) I got a facial by my esthetician (*DM me for her info*)  and everything came out easily. My skin is flawless! Very happy with the process and planning to do it every 6 months. My forehead is my favorite part -- it's NEVER been more smooth / acne-free.

BeautyBunny Hyde